Some cities have a Starbucks or Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts) located on every corner. And typically their drive thru lines are wrapped around the building. However, that's not the case for Cheyenne when it comes to coffee shops. We definitely have more a local vibe with coffee shops around the capital city. So where is, not just the best coffee shop in all of Wyoming, but also the most INTERESTING? It just so happens that it's in downtown Cheyenne.

You may be wondering what the difference is between the best and the most INTERESTING. And you might be wondering why INTERESTING is in all caps. It's because recently the travel bloggers 'Travels Uncorked' recently paid a visit to the downtown coffee shop that has already been called 'the best coffee shop in Wyoming'. That spot happens to be Paramount Cafe in the heart of downtown in the capital city.

The video from 'Travels Uncorked' digs into the history of the Paramount Cafe, It also explores much of the surrounding aesthetics of the building, which includes murals and even a 'door to nowhere'. To find out what else they mentioned, feel free to watch the short video above. But the highlights definitely show why it's the most INTERESTING coffee shop in Wyoming.

As for being the best coffee shop in the state, late last year, the 'Tasting Table' said this about the downtown coffee establishment:

While Cheyenne's Paramount Theater hasn't shown any first-run flicks in a while now, it's still a central part of life in downtown, now in its new incarnation as Paramount Cafe. The city's most noted coffee house serves coffee, yes, but also showcases local artists in its gallery and local musicians on its stage. And when the weather is cooperating also lets you enjoy your java – or a cocktail – in its spacious back garden.

We're not going to argue with that. Also, be sure to check out their clever signs sitting outside when you pass by the downtown area. They always have some fun messages for everyone to enjoy.

So be sure to head downtown to Paramount Cafe in downtown Cheyenne at 1607 Capitol Ave! After all, according to certain sources, they're not only the best, but also the most INTERESTING coffee shop in Wyoming!

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