Southeast Wyoming is getting some notoriety recently for its good food. Recently, the news came out that Laramie has the best themed restaurant in the Cowboy State. And now, it seems that the best Chinese takeout is also in our corner of Wyoming. This time, it's in the capital city.

The demand for Chinese takeout is always going to be there no matter where you are so to come away with this title is nothing short of an impressive feat for this Cheyenne restaurant. They're not far from the heart of downtown either. Just travel slightly east from there on Lincolnway and you're right there. According to the popular food publication 'Eat This, Not That', the best Chinese takeout in all of Wyoming goes to Good Friends Chinese Restaurant.

Every Chinese restaurant is different and has its own unique dishes its known for so what made Good Friends excel over all other spots in Cheyenne for this? Here's what 'Eat This, Not That' had to say about it:

Tasty old-fashioned Chinese-American cuisine is what you'll find at Good Friends. Local reviewers who are regulars at the restaurant shared their ordering tips, describing the orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, drunken noodles, and Mongolian beef as the best dishes.

A local review of the spot was also included about the featured establishment:

"My favorites are the egg drop soup, Drunken noodle and Mongolian beef. The restaurant is family-owned and the staff are always very friendly and want (to) make you feel like you're at home. Great to eat in and for take out, which is quick and courteous," wrote a regular. They also shared an insider tip: "If you like spicy, call an hour or more advance notice and ask for their spicy fish bowl made in Sichuanese style. Tell them 'Sticky Rice' sent you."

Personally, I have never had anything that I wouldn't want to order again from them so I could agree with their review. I'm not sure if they'll give you any special privilege by mentioning 'Sticky Rice' though. I can't confirm that. But if you would like to see all they have on their menu, check it out below.

Perhaps this weekend if you're in the mood for some Chinese takeout while watching football, go head and check out Good Friends in Cheyenne at 507 E. Lincolnway! After all, it is the best Chinese takeout in all of Wyoming!

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