So far the Farmers Almanac for the winter of 2020-21 has not been too far off. Typically, the Almanac is only 25% accurate in their yearly forecasts, but the Almanac got off to a good start this year. If we stick with them we see the weather returning to mild and dry right into spring.

Sorry, but I'm not trusting Punxsutawney Phil to tell me anything. As Live Science reports, the Groundhog Club's records show that Phil has predicted more winter 103 times, and an early spring just 19. Based on data from the Stormfax Almanac, that means Phil's accuracy rate is an abysmal 39 percent. Strangely, that is better than the Farmer's Almanac. 

Okay fine- let's ask a psychic. Why the hell not? This lady goes by Nikki. Her prediction is “It’s the Age of Aquarius, so there’s a very rare alignment between Saturn and Jupiter today. (This interview took place December 21.). And that hasn’t happened since 1623." Okay that didn't help much...

When I ask our local weatherman, Don Day from Day Weather the best he can do is talk about the La Niña effect that we are now in. La Ninia and El Nino are pressure systems in the pacific that effect weather world wide. We are in a La Nina effect. That is why it has been warmer and dryer, overall, here in Wyoming. The best Don Day has been able to tell us is that the longer the La Ninia lasts the more mild and dry our winter will be, with the exception of and occasional cold blast of artic air.

At this point it looks like the best answer we are going to get it - returning to a mild dry winter, but perhaps another good cold snap or two before it's over.

The only other suggestion I have, if you are determined to know, is to blindfold yourself and throw darts at a weather chart.

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