The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning people to be ready for temperatures in the next few days that will run about 20 degrees above normal for the area this time of year.

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The agency issued this statement Friday afternoon:

Here are the current weather event impact highlights:

  • Hot and dry conditions forecast into next week.
  • Temperatures expected to climb to nearly 20 degrees higher than normal.  This will increase the heat risk across the region.
  • Heat-related injuries may increase, especially to those not used to the level of heat expected.
  • Elevated fire weather concerns as humidity values drop into the low teens and single digits.
  • Could see an increase in winds Wednesday and Thursday across Carbon and Albany Counties.

The agency posted more information this morning:

Heat affects everyone differently. In order to better address heat risk and allow you to prepare for upcoming heat events, the NWS has developed the experimental Heat Risk forecast.  As we transition to a mainly hot and dry pattern, much of the region is in a moderate risk for those who are sensitive to heat, with areas of higher risk across the domain. With our forecast temperatures 20 degrees higher than the average, heat related injuries increase, especially to those not use to the level of heat expected. Be sure to adequately hydrate during outdoor activities, and take appropriate precautions for those sensitive to heat. For more information on heat safety, go to

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