It's not every day that you get to talk to a Pukin Dog at your local airport. Seeing one land is amazing enough, but to talk to one is a thrill.

LCDR Nathan O'Kelley, call sign Yokel, touched down Sunday afternoon  to refuel his F-18 Super Hornet at the Cheyenne airport.

Two Navy squadrons have held the designation VF-143. The first VF-143 was 20, July 1950 as VF-821. They were later redesignated VF-143 back in 1953 and then disestablished on 1 April 1958. The second VF-143 was established in 1950, was eventually redesignated VFA-143. They have flown the Corsair, the Phantom, the Tomcat, and now the Super Hornet.

The squadron hold the credit of shooting down the first MiG-21 in 1967, led by Lt. Com. R.M. "Pacer" Hooper.

Special thanks, once again, to the folks at Legend AeroServe for letting us through the gate with our cameras to speak with O'Kelley. Legend AeroServe is contracted to refuel military planes on their way cross country.

Mr. O'Kelley was all too happy to tell us how his fighter squadron got the nickname Pukin' Dogs. The explanation is in the video above.

F-18 Pukin Dog Photo By Tim From Tampa
F-18 Pukin Dog Photo By Tim From Tampa

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