There has been a trend in recent years in the city of Cheyenne towards building roundabouts rather than traditional intersections.

While the big 19th Street/Converse/Pershing roundabout has gotten most of the headlines and media attention, officials with the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization [MPO] say there are currently a half-dozen such structures within the city limits of Cheyenne, with another one planned for the intersection of Prarie Avenue and Frontier Mall Drive.

Supporters of roundabouts say they are safer than traditional intersections and that accidents that do occur in roundabouts tend to be ''fender bender" collisions as opposed to life-threatening head-on and "t-bone" accidents. But many Cheyenne residents say they avoid the structures, in part because they lead to confusion because Cheyenne motorists don't know how to navigate them.

So what is Your opinion? Should Cheyenne planners keep utilizing roundabouts in the city? Or should they back off and quit trying to force roundabouts on the driving public?

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