A news release from the City of Cheyenne says there are no proposals being considered to invoke eminent domain or raise taxes for possible horse racing at Frontier Park

The  Wednesday afternoon release says the city is not directly involved in the decision on whether to approve horse racing, as that choice is under the jurisdiction of the Laramie County Commission under the state's gaming laws.

The Wyoming Gaming Commission would also have to sign off on horse racing.

But the city might have to amend the Frontier Park Lease Agreement to allow the racing to happen. As of yet, the city has not been asked to do so.

The release says the city is asking Cheyenne Frontier Days and Accel Entertainment to address concerns about possible noise, traffic, pests and crime that might result from the horse racing.

Mayor Patrick Collins was quoted in the release as saying “We realize that residents who live near Frontier Park are concerned about the impact horse racing could have on their quality of life,”  Collins said. “The City is limited in what it can do, but we are working to ensure that CFD and the vendor minimize any negative effects to nearby neighborhoods.”

The release also says the city is not responsible for some texts that residents have received about the proposed racing. That includes one from ''GLG Research" suggesting the city may invoke eminent domain to increase available parking or raise taxes to facilitate the races. The release flatly denies those claims.



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