Everyone thinks they are delicious, until they find out what they are. At that point, most people can never eat another bite. But they will order it for their unsuspecting friends and family, with big smiles on their faces.

Rocky Mountain Oysters are called "a delicacy." As far as I'm concerned, delicacy is a word that means "made from something gross. Don't eat it. But DO prank your friends with it."

I've tried looking up the history of Rocky Mountain Oysters, but I can't seem to find any clear or confirmed story as to who the first jerk was that thought cooking these things was a good idea. Whoever he was, I believe 100% that he did not eat any himself, but served them that night with a smirk on his face.

I'm telling you this because, this weekend, I was told another oyster story by someone who pranked her friends when they came to visit from the east coast. They enjoyed an entire plate, and were about to order another big plate the next night, until they caught the expression on the waitresses face. Suspicious, they grabbed their phones to look it up. After reading the description one of the ladies almost threw up dinner from the night before.

After hearing this story, I had to wonder if anyone had posted a video of their friends and family finding out what they had just eaten.

A few of those wonderful videos are below.


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