With the long-awaited 2020 General Election finally, here, figures from the Laramie County Clerk's office show that just under 63 percent of the counties registered voters have already cast their ballots.

But it's worth noting that since Wyoming voters can register at the polls on election day, the percentage of early voters, if not the total number, could actually go down. County Clerk Debra Lee sent out a news release on Monday evening showing that 14,000 local voters had voted early in person and another 13,000 absentee voters had returned their ballots.

That comes out to a total of roughly 27,000 voters casting early ballots, out of a total of just over 43,300 registered voters. But more local voters can and probably will register at the polls today, meaning the percentage of early voters versus total voters could well end up going down by a little bit.

Lines to vote early at the atrium in the Laramie County Governmental Building were exceptionally long in recent days, stretching out of the building and around a street corner much of the time. Polls will be open today from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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FAQs About Voting in Wyoming

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