It's a pretty well known fact that oral contraceptive's aren't just for birth control. Many women take the oral drug for other symptoms, based on medical necessity.

New research is manifesting that women who take oral contraceptive's, may have a great chance at avoiding the dreaded disease of ovarian cancer. However, the reason for this is unknown among doctors.

Some doctors do believe that taking the oral contraception, may be correlated to the prevention of ovulation. With the reduction of egg release from a women's ovaries, the thinking is that the risk of the mutation of DNA is reduced also.

The result of the DNA mutation reduction is also a result in less aggressive forms of cancer.

The research of this observation included 1,398 ovarian cancer patients, who were receiving treatment from 200 - 2013 at the Mayo Clinic. 571 of those patient's stated that they had not used oral contraception.

Those patient's who had used the oral contraception, were shown to have less cancer activity and progression than those who had not used the pill.


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