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"On the Right Side with Reid Lance Rosenthal"

Reid Lance Rosenthal purchased his first piece of property, a ranch, at the age of eighteen. Three generations of a family steeped in land and cattle preceded him. He has acquired a deep and abiding love of the land, its reality, its energy, and its universal call to the human spirit.

His extensive 39 year, $1 billion career in ranch, land, and business, including consultations to foreign governments, has made him uniquely versed in current events. He is quickly able to separate the “why” from the “lie” of politics. When asked about his political persuasion, he simply answers, “American.” His love of the land, the West, the American spirit, and the people and history of the United States have inspired him to ranch, write, broadcast and photograph. His spiritual connection with the land, its energy and the basic historical, resource, recreational and spiritual passions it engenders have motivated Reid and his firms to restore, enhance and preserve hundreds of land, ranch, and historical properties totaling tens of thousands of surface acres via deed restrictions, conservation easements, and land planning, resource, agricultural and other enhancements, in a number of states, three foreign countries, and two continents.

These loves have also led Reid to write – both fiction and non-fiction. His flair for descriptive prose began early, at age nine. His writing interests span many subjects from hard hitting, no holds barred land and resource instruction to historical and contemporary western romance and adventure. His work draws on and describes the energies of the land, with a particular bent on the contemporary struggle between the historic attitude entrenchment and the realities of today’s evolving agrarian and rural societies. The first volume of his widely anticipated, comprehensive, anecdotal style, three volume non-fiction work, Land for Love and Money is planned for a spring 2012 release ( These volumes instruct through rough real life stories on every imaginable aspect of land of any nature, size or location, and tie the primal connection of people to land, and the necessities of income and value.

Reid is also author of a multiple #1 Best-Selling eight novel Historical Western Romance series, Threads West, An American Saga ( which is also the proud recipient of eight national awards just over the last year. The series which begins in 1855, bursts with the adventure and romance of the West, the evolution, conflicts, triumphs, loves and tragedies of it’s generational characters, and the evolution of it’s lands, all wrapped in the silver bolo of the American spirit. The first novel of this epic saga, and namesake of the series, Threads West was released by Rockin SR Publishing to rave reviews: “Surpasses Lonesome Dove”…”The Gone With Wind of the West”, and “Five stars is not enough…” The second novel of the series, Maps of Fate, ( is planned for a February/March 2012 release, to be followed by Book 3, North to Wyoming, in summer, 2012.