Join Reid for a very rare, very insightful interview from Jerusalem, 8,000 miles away, with Mitchell Barak who - in addition to being an aide to Israeli Presidents and Prime Ministers Sharon, Peres and Netanyahu, is known as Israel's leading pollster - his polls are cited in the NYT, Washington Times, NPR, CNN, FOX, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Under alert, and speaking from the safe, reinforced, gas proof room mandated in every Israeli home, his side of the interview is a bit scratchy - but all the more realistic. Hear what Israelis think of Obama, and what everyday life in Israel is like. You will be stunned.

He is part of a new documentary about Israeli/US relations (below), Obama's attitude toward Israel and the Iranian Nuclear threat. Watch it - many notable clips from both the US and Israel National figures, including Democrats. It is not often we in America get to speak to the horse's mouth, in their very own corral a half a world away. Startling!

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