We'd like to offer our sincere and horrified condolences to the families of the children and adult victims of the Newberry, CT school killings. This heart-wrenching tragedy occurred after my recording of today's show (a live show was precluded by my current book tour), or it would have been included in the broadcast. As a parent, an American, and a human being, my heart aches for you.

Today's Show is on The Jedi Mind Trick-- The Convincing Of Ourselves With Skillful, Purposeful Rhetoric and Misinformation Of Our "Leaders"  That All Is OK, And Getting Better (Except Now It Is More Lucrative to Not Work Or Work Part Time--109 Million On The Handout List)

Remember Obi-wan? Join Reid today for a review of Shapiro's article on the America - the Nation of Droids seduced by the glib political force of the "Jedi Mind Trick" --the psychological war of truth and reality vs.the rhetoric, fairy tales, and purposeful distraction many are allowing themselves to believe.

The first step in solving a problem is acknowledgement of what is wrong. But, that is not how this government wants you thinking -- because nothing is wrong. The mid east, Iran, inflation, debt, deficit, Benghazi, Al Qaeda  higher taxes for all (not just the "2%"), burgeoning layoffs across companies of all sizes and industries...all things that simply don't exist according to the government--and if they do exist, they are getting better, and if they are not getting better--then watch this shiny object in my right hand.

The Fiscal Cliff? Trumped up nonsense to create a distraction from the real crisis, and to perpetuate the ideology of the elite. Like the droids in Star Wars, we are all too eager to be seduced into complacency.

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