At this point,  virtually all American adults have been eligible for a free COVID-19 shot for quite some time.

But that doesn't mean that everyone has gotten one or wants one. An April federal report said that the 11 most COVID-vaccine hesitant counties were all in Wyoming.

While the state's most populous county--Laramie County--was not on that list, the second most populated county--Natrona County--was. Despite the availability of vaccines, In Laramie County at least, there are signs that the pandemic is certainly not over. Both the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and Cheyenne Family YMCA were recently closed because of the virus.

On Thursday, The Laramie County Sheriff's Department announced that it was reviving a mask mandate for visitors.

So have you gotten a COVID vaccination? Do you plan on it?  We'll publish the results of our survey next week.

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