The year 2020 is almost in the books, and many of us, no doubt, will not be sorry to see it go. But with the end of the year, we started to wonder...what was the biggest Cheyenne/Laramie County news story of 2020?

Obviously, COVID-19 had a big impact, whether on the economy, the cancellation of Cheyenne Frontier Days for the first time ever, and a number of other areas. So we decided to break the COVID-19 story up into its many facets.

Or, perhaps you think the biggest local story was something else, like the 2020 election. Or the decision by Mayor-Elect Patrick Collins not to retain Police Chief Brian Kozak and Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt.

Obviously, we couldn't include every local news story in our poll, but we did try to get most of the real headline stories on our list. Take our poll and give us your opinion.

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