Former Speaker Of The U.S. House, Newt Gingrich joined Glenn Woods to talk about his new book SHAKEDOWN.

Today, Newt is Chairman of Gingrich 360, a full-service American consulting, education, and media production group that connects the past, present, and future to inspire audiences, solve challenges, and develop opportunities. The company serves a Fortune 500 client base with consulting services and creates award-winning, entertaining media projects. Additionally, Newt participates in about 30 marquee speeches and events around the world each year.

New York Times best-selling authors Newt Gingrich and Pete Earley are back with SHAKEDOWN (Broadside Books/an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers; March 24, 2020; $27.99), the second in their riveting series of ripped-from-the-headlines political thrillers featuring Valerie Mayberry and Brett Garrett. As this unlikely pair-a disgraced former FBI agent and a dishonorably discharged ex-Navy SEAL-team to avert a deadly crisis with Iran, they once again operate outside official channels, caught between competing world powers as they race to avoid both an international incident and certain danger to themselves.



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