Some changes have been made in traffic regulations for the Frontier Park area for Cheyenne Frontier Days 2018, according to Metropolitan Planning Organization Director Tom Mason.

He says the following changes will be in effect for CFD this year:

-Park N' Ride buses will approach Frontier Park by northbound Hynds. turn right on West 6th Avenue, turn left on Cribbon Avenue, then left on West 8th Avenue

-Drop-off and pick-up for Park N' Ride will now be between Hynds and Cribbon on the north side curb

-The drop-off loop by the main gate will only be used by Special Needs Buses

-At the end of the night shows, the riders of Park N' Ride will be directed to exit the park at Gate V1 instead of the main gate. Gate V1 is closer to where the buses are parked and waiting.

-Hynds Blvd. will be converted into a one-way northbound street between 2nd Avenue and 8th Avenue.

-All vehicles westbound on 8th Ave. will be required to turn left on Frontier Park Ave. The west-bound 8th Ave. lanes between Dey and Hynds will be for Park N' Ride and Special Needs buses only

-Given the new route, there will be new no-parking restrictions on both sides of W. 6rh Avenue between Hynds and Cribbon

-After loading passengers, the Park N' Ride buses will return to Missile and I-25 by way of Hynds, then Kennedy Road, left onto Central Avenue, then left onto I-25 southbound.

-At egress (when the rodeo and night shows let out) the traffic control at Kennedy and Central will be different than in past years with traffic lanes more defined with barrels and cones so that the Park N' Ride buses will be allowed to turn left onto westbound Central with greater protection.

Additional changes will include:

-The south side eastbound curb of W. 8th Ave. between Hynds and Dey will be for Taxis, Uber, Lyft, and Pedicabs only.

-Frontier Park Avenue will be stop controlled between W. 8th and Snyder Ave.

-Tour buses will drop off and load on Carey at the CFD Museum only.

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