Gary Freeman/Townsquare Media
Gary Freeman/Townsquare Media

The Cheyenne Trolly is a big on pleasing the crowds both in and out of the Capitol City. Today we had the treat of taking a trip through Cheyenne history with our very special guest "Mr. Ed" the Trolly Guy on KGAB Mornings with me, Gary Freeman.

He talked about the beginnings of the trolly days here in Cheyenne. We also talked about some of the first settlers who erected shanty housing along the Crow Creek back in the 1800's.

Mr. Ed told us about the first and longest standing bath house in Cheyenne, which has since been torn down and Marv's Place is where it used to be. From there, we went to the Old Cheyenne Courthouse where the infamous Tom Horn was hanged.

Callers were calling in and expressing how much they enjoyed the segment and the reminder of history. They also added to the conversation as to what they knew about some of the hot historic points of interest here in Cheyenne.

The tours are going on daily from now through September 2014. If you'd like to take the actual tour, you can call 307-778-3133 or visit them on the web at Trolly Tours.


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