5:05pm MDT Pat Buchanan will discuss the defeat of Nikolas Sarkozy to Socialist Party Candidate Francoise Hollande which he sees as the beginning of the end of the European Union especially when coupled with the exorbitant challenges associated with Greece.  Sean and Pat will also discuss the upcoming Presidential Election and America's recent dust-up with China over Activist Chen Guangcheng.

5:35pm MDT Robert Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is here to discuss his new book "The Death of Liberalism". In the book Mr. Tyrrell chronicles the political origins, rise and gradual decline of liberalism in American politics.  Tyrell comes to the conclusion that President Barack Obama “is a different type of politico altogether … He is the Stealth Socialist. From the start he was odd … . Possibly that comes with being a community organizer, from which he briefly became a U.S. senator, then president"
6:05pm MDT Dick Morris, on his new book, "Screwed! How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering our Economy And How Our Leaders Help Them Do It." In Screwed! Dick Morris lay out the facts as never before and suggest real, immediate, and specific steps to stop those who undermine our interests and take away our jobs. Morris  documents exactly how the United States is getting screwed, and how to stop it. They dig up the facts, name names, point fingers, and suggest concrete solutions—independent of partisan politics.

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