Every great American should be listening this afternoon from 4-7PM MDT to the Sean Hannity Radio Program on AM650 KGAB and www.kgab.com. Today, Sean's guests are:

5:05pm MDT -- Pat Buchanan author of the controversial book, Suicide of Superpower, will look into his crystal ball to let the Hannity faithful know what he thinks will happen if Obama gets 4 more years in office.   Pat will weigh in on the economic situation in Europe and here at home.   Will the state of the U.S. economy be Obama's biggest weakness this Fall, we'll ask Buchanan for his thoughts...


6:05pm MDT -- Chief economist at the U.S. Sentencing Commission, John Lott and Former Employee of House Judiciary Committee, Mark Levine will debate Florida's "stand your ground law" which has come under public scrutiny following the death of Trayvon Martin.  Our guests will debate gun laws and the whether gun related crimes are being committed by the very same people filing for gun permits?

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