Hey, all you great Americans, don't miss today's Sean Hannity Radio Program. His guests will be.

5:05pm MDT Tamara Holder, Katy Abrams, and Jennifer Stefano will discuss comments made by filmmaker Dan Savage.  Savage's film, "It Gets Better" takes on the issue of bullying in schools and has been embraced by the Administration.  Today we learn Savage said that he wished Republicans "were all f**king dead" and called Christians students who walked out on his speech mocking the Bible “pansy-assed”.  These comments are surprising since Savage and his project, which has been supported by the White House, are supposed to be working to help young people be more tolerant and respectful of one another.

6:05pm MDT Former Senator Fred Thompson and his wife Jeri Thompson join Sean to discuss the "political news of the day"-- if it's on your mind it will be on-air!

6:35pm MDT John Stossel Fox Business Host and author of "No, They Can't: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed" weighs in on the economy.

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