Here's Who's With Hannity 4-7PM Today on KGAB!

5:05pm MDT --  Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani will weigh in on Mitt Romney's Primary sweep last night and the upcoming Presidential Election.

5:35pm MDT -- Dan Bongino is a Former Secret Service Agent to President Obama who is now running for Senate in Maryland.  We'll ask this 12 year Secret Service Veteran about the responsibilities of the SS, what his experience in this agency was like and his opinion of the recent scandal involving agents in Columbia?

6:05pm MDT -- Congressman Peter King, Founder and President of Act for America Brigitte Gabriel, and President of America Together Foundation Mike Ghouse will discuss the status of the "War on Terror".  The Obama Administration has declared the war officially over, but our guests today argue that the President is wrong given the growing dangers of homegrown terrorism.

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