5:05pm MDT --  Republican Consultant and Strategis, Noelle Nikpour, and  Huffington Post Senior Political Reporter, Amanda Terkel, join Sean to debate a new online tool released by the Obama campaign called "The Life of Julia".  This website walks users through the life of an average, middle-class woman, in hopes of showing how Obama's policies benefit her more than Romney's at every stage of life.

6:05pm MDT --  Author of The Post American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America Pamela Geller, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Terrorism Department Victoria Toensing and former employee of the House Judiciary Committee Mark Levine will discuss all things national security.  Is the War on Terror really over?  Has the Taliban grown stronger now than before President Barack Obama ordered a surge of U.S. troops to Afghanistan as senior lawmakers claimed this weekend?  Our guests will discuss these topics as well as the most recent foiled bomb plots on American soil and the ongoing GITMO hearings.

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