Just North and East a tad of Devils Tower Wyoming is the little town of Hulett, Surrounded by ranches the little town is almost nothing more than one small grocery store and a few bars and restaurants for the tourist, with a couple of curiosity shops at each end.

Or so I thought.  Then I walked into a place that had the owner's name in big letters on the top. BOB's. 

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It turns out that Bob is not just some guy who owns a tourist trap in a small Wyoming town. Bob has a painting hanging as a permanent display in the Smithsonian Institute. You'll see those paintings and more in the gallery below.

In one room I found posters on the walls that I have seen all over Wyoming and the region. Everyone seems to love these iconic works of the west that promote Wyoming Rodeos. It turns out that in talking to Bob, I was talking to the artist, Bob Coronato

Meet The Creator Of Wyoming's Most Iconic Rodeo Posters

The works of artist Bob Coronato

Hulett's Rogues Gallery Astounding Western History Collection

A gallery of fine art and found Western history

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