Elk are big, elk are fast and they can be flat out nasty creatures with no fear of humans whatsoever so it's best if you stay on their good side and better yet, stay the heck away from them as much as possible.

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Those words of advice have never been more evident than in this particular case in Estes Park where thankfully and luckily the man that was struck wasn't seriously injured or worse.




As you can see, elk are going to go wherever they want and do whatever they want to do and seeing that this elk seemed to be surrounded by "tourons"  it simply did what it needed to do because it probably felt spooked and threatened.

Now granted, the elk didn't catch him full throttle with its antlers (thankfully) it was more of a combo of a bit of a hit and the man tripping over the wall behind him but still, even a smaller nudge from the elk can be extremely dangerous and shows you just how strong these animals are.

On a side note, I love the term "touron" and the above Instagram page is such a funny follow because it just goes to show you how so many people don't understand or simply don't choose to understand just how dangerous these animals or any wild animal can be when if feels threatened.

Keep in mind, elk rut season (they're mating season) is coming up soon, it runs from around mid September through October and even into November and they become even more brazen and cranky at times.

Our friends at REI have put together a to do or better yet what not to do when you encounter an elk whether it be in the wild, Downtown Estes Park or anywhere for that matter.


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