When you think of what the typical house in Cheyenne looks like, you probably have a good idea of what that house might look like in your head. But what if you decided to do something a little different with your house? That's exactly what you see out of this Cheyenne home that not only brings one of the more unique designs to it, but looks extremely lavish on the inside.

The home has just been listed on Zillow. It has been listed for only two days. The four bedroom, four bathroom home has 3,475 square feet of everything that looks brand new on the inside and out. The inside has the look to it like something you would see in a movie and think, 'Normal homes don't look like that.' But this one does.

According to Zillow, the 2-story home has Ebonized Hickory Hardwood flooring and granite counter tops, and 8-foot doors all on the first floor. The second floor has very large windows, a huge family room, and is also plumbed for a gas grill on the second level patio.

The brand new home was just built and really does look like a home that if you saw in a past movie, and then they did some sort of flash forward to 2022, you would see this type of house in the movie and think that it actually looks realistic. The new home is listed on Zillow for a little a half-million dollars at $555,000 and the address is at 6501 Hitching Post Ln, which is on the eastern side of the city just off Whitney Rd, with lots of other great looking newer homes. Enough talking about it, let's see what it's all about...

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