Laramie County School District 2 Superintendent Jon Abrams says rumors about school closing at Thanksgiving and not opening up until after Christmas are not true.

Abrams says the district continues to believe that the best place for kids to be is in school, and there has been absolutely no talk at the state, county or district levels about closing schools down now or anytime in the future.

"We plan to continue to hold school as long as we can," said Abrams. "The only thing that would stop us from holding school would be our inability to staff."

Abrams says thanks to the safety precautions in place throughout the district -- increased cleaning, sanitization, hand sanitizing and washing, social distancing and wearing masks -- no positive COVID-19 cases have been traced to any of the district's schools.

"We appreciate the efforts you're making to stay safe and to keep our staff safe so that we continue to be here," Abrams said.

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