Laramie County Sheriff's Office
Laramie County Sheriff's Office

Laramie County School District #2 Superintendent Justin Pierantoni says he's "grateful" to have two new school resource deputies servicing the vast school district.

Laramie County Sheriff's Deputies Fertig and Konegni were assigned to the schools in January -- Fertig to Pine Bluffs and Albin, and Konegni to Burns and Carpenter.

"The deputies have made an immediate impact, building relationships and providing support in a positive manner," said Pierantoni.

"We look forward to the service this new relationship will provide for our students, families and staff," he added.

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Sheriff Brian Kozak said he pushed for the School Resource Deputy Program because he didn't want to risk an extended response time to the schools in eastern Laramie County.

"I feel reassured knowing there are full-time deputies assigned to these schools," said Kozak.

"There is nothing more important than protecting our young people and being a resource for the parents," he added.

Meet the New SRDs

Deputy Fertig started his law enforcement career at the Laramie County Detention Center in 2018. He spent three years working in the jail as a Detention Deputy. During this time, he learned how to communicate effectively as a law enforcement officer as well as deal with confrontational situations. In 2021, Deputy Fertig transferred to Laramie County Sheriff’s patrol division. In 2023, Deputy Fertig was certified as a field training officer and assisted in the training of new patrol deputies. He is also certified as a Drug Recognition Expert.

Deputy Konegni grew up on a cattle ranch north of Cheyenne and graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Konegni started her law enforcement career with the Salina Police Department in Salina, Kansas. She started with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office in 2015. In 2017, Konegni was selected for the Detectives Division. In detectives, she worked people crimes, mostly crimes against children. Konegni has attended training relating to speaking with juveniles, human trafficking, and child abuse. In 2019, Deputy Konegni transferred back to patrol. She attended Basic SRD school in Bozeman, Montana in August 2022.

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