Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent Boyd Brown says local schools have a number of security measures in place for the 2019-2020 school year.

But he says cooperation from the public is very important as well, so "If you see something, say something." That could include a call either to school district officials or local law enforcement.

Brown says longer-term and lower-level threats can be reported to district officials.

That could include such things as bullying issues, concerns about possible weaknesses in school security systems and those sorts of issues. More immediate threats, such as a suspicious person near a school or someone explicitly threatening violence against a school, probably should first be reported to local law enforcement if possible.

There are also school resource officers in the district, law enforcement personnel specifically assigned to the schools, to whom security concerns can be reported.

Another option for reporting concerns is the Safe2Tell program, which is a way to report things such as concerns about suicide, drug activity, cyberbullying and similar issues.

We spoke with Boyd Brown a couple of weeks ago about some of the security measures in place in district schools.

You can hear the interview, in which he goes into more detail about security measures in the district, in the audio attached to this article. Classes begin in LCSD#1 on Monday, Aug. 26.

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