Laramie County School District# 1 joined several other of the state's districts in falling short of federal Adequate Yearly Progress testing scores under the federal No Child Left Behind law.

The standard requires half or more of students in a given school to  score at least 'proficient' on standardized tests. All subgroups of students, such as white, Hispanic and free and reduced lunch students also must meet the standard. There are a total of roughly 30 ways a school or district can fail to meet the goal.

Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent Mark Stock says he thinks the the standards ''are absolutely unrealistic", adding "everyone knew the goals were unattainable". But he says there are positive aspects to the law in that it did cause 'schools to hone in on students who were struggling"..

Statewide 171 schools met the standards, while 180 schools did not. Fourteen Wyoming districts, including LCSD#1, fell short of the standards in reading and math.

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