A woman has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Cheyenne police used excessive force and illegally detained her after a civil standby in March 2014.

In a complaint filed Thursday, Robin Lynn Bailey claims Officer Daniel Twomey, who was standing by while her husband picked up some clothes and personal items, struck her and knocked her to the floor after she brushed or touched his back or belt.

Bailey says she was afraid of her husband, who'd been arrested for assaulting her the night before, and went to stand behind Twomey after the two entered the home.

The complaint also alleges Twomey, at the urging of Officer Jeremy Walker to initiate felony charges against Bailey to avoid a possible excessive force claim, made up the story that she intentionally grabbed for his gun, despite his belief that she hadn't done anything illegal.

Bailey was arrested and incarcerated for six months before a jury found her not guilty, according to the complaint.

While the suit doesn't specify a dollar amount, Bailey claims the department's conduct was willful, wanton, malicious and outrageous, entitling her to an award of punitive damages. The matter has yet to be set for trial.

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