In a press release, the Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency will run the Outdoor Warning Siren System on Friday, September 6th at 12 pm.

The test will last up to three minutes. When you hear the monthly or maintenance tests, those only last for 60 seconds.

If this siren goes off for an actual emergency, residents are advised to take cover and tune into your local news radio station (KGAB) or television news station to receive further emergency information. The last thing residents should do is call 911 or local emergency crews. This makes the line busy and then the emergency personal can't get to actual emergencies.

If these sirens happen to ever go off for an actual emergency, residents need to understand that they are an all-hazards emergency warning system. Residents, know if this goes off in a real-life situation, that means there is a life-threatening situation in progress.

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