The Laramie County Board of Commissioners recently approved a request by the sheriff's office to add four additional positions to its operations division.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Capt. Linda Gesell says the county's population, not including Cheyenne, has increased roughly 23 percent since 2000, but patrol personnel numbers have remained largely unchanged.

"Our actual numbers of patrol have really not increased over the last 20-plus years," said Gesell. "And so we went in and requested to the commissioners four positions -- three are for patrol, one is another lieutenant -- and then we'll be going in and requesting more positions over the next three years."

Gesell says the department has seen a 63 percent increase in calls since 2010, leaving little time for proactive patrolling.

"(With these positions) we'll be able to increase our detective bureau and our resident deputies east and west to help keep up with the continual growth that's going on outside the city limits."

Gesell says they're currently accepting applications for patrol, detention and juvenile services positions. Anyone interested can stop by the sheriff's office at 1910 Pioneer Avenue or visit their website to get an application.

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