Laramie County Commissioner Keith "Buck" Holmes is providing some details on the sixth-penny ballot proposals that will go before county voters on May 2.

Please note, the following list is by no means all-inclusive, but is intended to give a brief overview of the proposed projects. Holmes explains the projects as follows:

Holmes explains the proposed projects as follows:

Proposition 1--Money for the remodeling of the existing Laramie County courthouse as well as a new municipal court for the City of Cheyenne.

Proposition 2--Money for additions and improvements to the Laramie County Jail.

Proposition 3--Money for the Christenson Road Overpass Project for the City of Cheyenne. Holmes notes he is "very supportive of this project." He adds "We've been working on trying to get an overpass there for about ten years."

Proposition 4-- Funding for the construction of a multi-purpose building at the Archer Complex for the Laramie County Fair. He says the building could be used year-round for high school graduations as well as car shows, horse shows, and similar events.

Proposition 5--Money for various projects in Cheyenne, Albin, Burns, Pine Bluffs, Laramie County and Fire District #2. Holmes says this grouping includes about $200,000 to Albin for housing, $200,000 for Burns for parking, gravel road and water improvements and $1 million to Pine Bluffs for electric infrastructure improvements. Holmes says another $2.3 million would go to Cheyenne for street improvements. It would also include $2 million for a new Laramie County Fire District#2 for a fire station at Archer. Various other projects around the county are included as well.

Proposition 6--This would include $6.7 million for a multi-purpose indoor gym facility. Another $3.5 million would go to improve radio communications coverage throughout Laramie County, including new radio towers. Holmes says currently emergency responders in some parts of the county cannot be reached via radio. Projects in Albin, Pine Bluffs, and Burns would also receive funding.

Proposition 7--This grouping includes a long list of projects, including $7 million to Cheyenne for basketball courts, volleyball courts and a gymnastics facility. Cheyenne would get another $6 million to renovate fire stations and buy fire stations. It would also include money for Albin to build a storage facility for garbage trucks, a dump truck for Burns, parking lot replacement work in Albin, money to upgrade the Pine Bluffs cemetery, a medication distribution facility, and mobile command storage area for Laramie County, several other projects around the county are also slated for funding in this grouping.

Proposition 8--Includes $3.5 million to Cheyenne for street improvements as well as $3.2 million for Cheyenne to purchase land for a community park. Other projects include sewer line work in Albin, money for the town of Pine Bluffs to reduce its debts and several other projects.

Proposition 9--Includes $950,000 for eastern Laramie County Solid Waste disposal as well as funding for Laramie County for computer dispatch fo emergency responders and several other projects.

Holmes says the total amount of all of the projects comes out to about $120 million. Voters will cast ballots on each of the propositions seperately.

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