Cheyenne Mayor-elect Marian Orr made her first major move Tuesday, reappointing Brian Kozak as Cheyenne's Chief of Police.

"Chief Kozak has done great things for our community," said Orr. "Type 1 crimes are down 35 percent from the time he took office. That's despite a significant increase in our population and a decrease in the amount of police officers."

Orr, who made public safety a big part of her campaign, says she intends to work with the City Council to put more cops on the streets.

"We've got to retain our best and brightest," said Orr. "Chief Kozak has been contacted by a number of cities to head up there respective police departments and I don't want to see him go and I don't want to see Cheyenne become a training ground for the Front Range either."

Orr also said she was impressed with Kozak's commitment to community outreach, mentioning the creation of the Citizens Advisory Committee, the Citizens Police Academy, Citizens on Patrol, Neighborhood Night Out and the youth-oriented Explorer program.

"It is a team effort," said Kozak. "I'm very honored to continue to serve the city, the citizens here, Mayor-elect Orr and also the men and women of the police department who do an outstanding job."

Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media
Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

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