There's a first time for everything, and for Glendo it's the Ice Breaker, ice fishing tournament.

Just so we're clear, ice fishing isn't a new concept at Glendo, just the 'Ice Breaker' fishing tournament.

A couple weeks ago, the organizers weren't sure it was going to happen. As with anything, safety of the anglers is the first concern. In an ice fishing tournament, the condition of the ice is very important and with the slow start to winter and ice formation, there were concerns that the reservoir wouldn't have the ice safe enough for anglers to be out there.

Now, the tournament is set to debut at the popular Wyoming fishery.

If you've ever been on Glendo to cast a line, you know during the summer, it's a hot-spot for fishing. What about in the winter, with a safe thickness of ice?

The Facebook group, 'Ice Fishing Wyoming Lakes' has a post that asked what ice fishing at Glendo was like, and the anglers were happy to share.

I often say my nemesis during ice season, any given day in the summer we catch multiple limits anywhere on the lake of walleye and absolute slabs of crappie but I have yet to catch a single fish through the ice at glendo it’s a tricky one for sure, or maybe I rely to much in the “they were here three months ago” mentality to much - Jakob BArber


Can be world class and also humbling. Reservor fills from the North Plate fairly rapidly all winter causing soft and or open shorelines. ATV ramps a must at times. Lots of bait including Shad for several fish species to survive on but known for its Walleye and catfish. Good luck - Chad Shelver


25-35' of water off steep rocky dropoffs during the day, you'll find fish. During the prime morning and evening hours try the tops of those drops(5-10') for bigger walleye. I don't ever put out tipups at glendo unless It is that primetime bite. Drill holes and move, the only way to find fish down there. Ben Meyer

That's a great thing about anglers, they will share SOME information with you, but not ALL information.

The 'Ice Breaker' Ice Fishing Tournament is being held Saturday and Sunday January 13 & 14. From 7a - 4p Saturday and 7a-2p on Sunday.

If you'd like to get an application, set of rules and any equipment, you can do that at Rocky Mountain Discount Sports on CY Ave in Casper.

If you haven't, and I'm sure you have, checked the forecast for this weekend, it's going to be extremely cold. Below zero temperatures are expected with the possibility of more snow. That forecast is ok, if you're sitting in your living room, in your pajamas and warm house slippers. When you're out fishing on ice, that's different.

Dressing properly, is a key factor for staying safe and warm while on the ice.

In-Fisherman Magazine lays out the best way to tackle ice fishing

The right gear is critical to successful ice fishing.

High-quality ice-fishing rod-and-reel combos, lifelike micro-plastics, state-of-the-art GPS-enabled and forward-viewing fish-finders, high-tech clothing, lightweight shelters and snow-ready rides have made it easier than ever to locate and catch fish, while staying warm, dry, comfortable and safe.

Good luck, happy fishing and stay safe!

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

Check Out Glendo Reservoir During A Wyoming Fishing Tournament

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