YES, America currently has a "coin shortage" and businesses are either not handing back coin change or asking that you do not use cash.

I just figured out how this happened. Well, okay, it's only my theory but I think I'm on to something here.

Answer: 2020 sucks SO MUCH everybody has filled up their swear jars!

Honestly, how many times have you dropped the "what the (BOMB)" in response to the events of this year? What about "you have got to be (BOMBING) KIDDING ME!!!"

Can you turn on the news without cussing? I didn't think so.

Every month, and in fact every week, brings new "what the (BOMB)" problems that we never saw coming. It has become so bad that Americas are cussing out of frustration so often they have run our nation out of change and filled every cuss jar.

Well - I might have a solution here: If your cuss jar is full then just take it to your bank and have them pour that money into your account and hand you your empty jar back. Those coins will make it back to your local retail store when you can pick it back up at your next purchase and begin the process all over again.

Look at the bright side: all of that cussing you've been doing, while it might have been a bad influence on your kids, has done wonders for your savings account.

That's just your personal cuss jar. As for me, I don't cuss at all. That's because I'm afraid I might slip up and do it on the radio. So I've deleted those words from my vocabulary entirely.

But when I realized that I could make money off of YOUR cussing, well - 2020 had been a banner year for me. Now, I've put cuss jars all over town and I'm making a killing.

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