The Fort Collins Police Department is taking steps to ensure school safety in the wake of a threat posted on social media in regard to "Fort Collins schools."

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That's according to a post on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page.

According to the post, police are taking the following precautions:

* SROs will be more visible at schools today as a precaution.
* Additionally, patrol officers will spend more time patrolling near schools located in their assigned areas.
* Police are continuing to investigate. Anyone with information is asked to report it directly to their School Resource Officer or contact SRO Cpl. Keith Maynard at 970-224-6035. People may also report through Safe2Tell at 1-877-542-7233.
Anyone with questions about specific practices or safety protocols within their school is encouraged to contact their school administrator. The wellbeing of our students, families, and staff is a priority, and FCPS will continue working in partnership with schools to create a safe learning environment for all.

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