Laramie County officials are keeping a close eye on creek levels as temperatures warm.

"We have been experiencing some flooding issues across some county roads," said Public Works Director Rob Geringer. "There are a few in particular that have breached and so have been closed."

Geringer says water levels in Lodgepole Creek are particularly high.

"The water crossing County Road 212 near Pine Bluffs is something unusual," said Geringer. "The longtime residents haven't seen that in a number of years."

Geringer says Crow Creek, Horse Creek and Chugwater Creek are all flowing at high levels.

"If creek levels continue to rise then we could see additional damage to additional roads," said Geringer. "At this point we're just monitoring to see what will happen."

Geringer asks that residents find alternative routes around barricades and not drive through roads covered in water.

"We've seen roads deteriorate rather quickly," said Geringer. "We hope that residents understand that it might take a little bit longer than we would normally expect to get back to maintenance of those roads."

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