There are costumes that have been deemed to be inappropriate because they are too sexy, too gory or politically incorrect. This list has nothing to do with any of those reasons.

There are a few costumes that you might not want to wear in Wyoming just because of the danger of getting shot in the state that has more guns per capita than any other state.

Using purely Wyoming reasons here are the top 5 costumes you should not wear in Wyoming this Halloween.

1). Do not wear any wild game costumes. Wyomingites love hunting. You might get shot.

2). Space Alien costumes are out. You might get shot.

3). Government agent costumes such as FBI, BLM or EPA. You might get shot.

2). Hippie Costumes are definitely out. You might get shot.

1). Do not dress up as a terrorist. It does not matter that Osama Bin Laden is already dead. Some conspiracy theorist don't think he is. Don't even think about it.  You will definitely get shot. 

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