There's nothing like a horror movie to get you in the mood for Halloween. I'll be honest, though, I love a good horror flick year-round. One of my favorites to pull out at any given time is Friday the 13th...but, of course, it's best viewed on Friday the 13th.

Apparently, Friday the 13th gets a lot of love here in the Cowboy State. According to a new survey by kinetic by windstream, Jason Voorhees is the most popular horror villain in Wyoming. Or, more specifically, he's the most searched-for villain on the internet here.

It's not surprising. I took my son trunk-or-treating the other day and saw dozens of mini-Jason's running around in the iconic hockey mask. Plus, we have our own Crystal Lake here in Southeast Wyoming perfect for his vacation home - you know, whenever he wants to take a break from haunting the identically named location in New Jersey.

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It looks like Jason isn't keeping just Wyomingites up at night, based on the survey. Our neighbors of Montanna and South Dakota also can't get the Camp Crystal Lake villain out of their heads. Interestingly enough, New Jersey seems over Jason - the Garden State's most-searched horror villain is Patrick Bateman from the 2000 film American Psycho. I mean - Christian Bale did a fantastic job in the film, but Jason Voorhoos definitely haunts my nightmares more than Patrick.

Anyways, back to Jason Voorhees and his digs in Wyoming. It's no wonder that he's taking up space in Wyomingite minds rent free. I mean, Crystal Lake in Curt Gowdy is the perfect place for him to chill - it has trees, campers, and plenty of waterfront for him to haunt. It would be hard not to picture him stalking the shores of the placid lake waters. On that note, next time I camp at Curt Gowdy, I'll be sleeping with one eye open...

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