A deadly Memorial Day crash involving a cyclist has the Laramie County Sheriff's Department reminding riders and drivers to respect one another's rights and responsibilities on the road.

Captain Linda Gesell says it's not uncommon for the number of crashes involving cyclists to increase as the weather gets warmer.

"More people are trying to be more conscious of being economical in riding bikes to work instead of driving their cars, so we're seeing more bikes now," said Gesell.

Gesell says motorists, as well as cyclists, need to act lawfully and share the road.

"It comes down to following all traffic laws," said Captain Linda Gesell. "All bikes have to abide by the traffic laws."

While any cyclist with a brain knows to protect it by wearing a helmet, Gesell says there are other things riders can do to stay safe.

"Always wear bright clothing," said Gesell. "We have a great Greenway system here in Cheyenne and when you do have the ability to use those underpasses, that is much safer than crossing the roads."

Gesell says it's also important bikers carry some form of I.D. with them.

"Just so in case there is, not necessarily an accident, but a medical emergency or something to that effect, first responders would have a way of contacting a family member or someone," said Gesell.

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