There is a trick to dressing the Wyoming cowgirl way that says smart, hard-working, ladylike, but still remain Wyoming tough.

There is a lot to consider. The process will take a lot of closet space. But not nearly as much closet space as East and West coast women. That is good news that saves a lot of money.

Start with the blue jeans. You're a Wyoming girl. That means you wear 'em. East coast and West coast girls wear them too tight. How can anyone work in something they can't bend over in, or breathe in? But not too loose. Don't want to look like Grandma who retired in Florida.

You'll need a coat that keeps you warm and you can work in but looks good too.

No high heels. Who can walk in snow and ice or down a gravel road in high heels? Look for the high cut good looking leather boots that can take a beating at the same time.

Belts and jewelry should look earthy and come from the landscape.

You'll need a hat. You're representing Wyoming after all. Not those over the top big cowgirl hats they think we wear out here. A true Wyoming cowgirl hat is practical, a bit worn down by the elements but still fashionable.

You'll need a straw hat too. Just in case.

And how you're ready to represent.

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