This is possibly the greatest bison escape in U.S. history.

125 of those big, fluffy, tourist-stomping cows knocked down a gate and escaped from their feedlot near Overton, Nebraska. It is not yet known whether they planned the escape or just saw an opportunity and took it.

The escaping group did not stay together. OH NO, they knew that they would be too easy to spot that way. They broke up into little herds and moved off across the land. No word on if any of them are wearing disguises.

Experts have been called in too... Yes, there are experts for things like this. How does anyone even know who to call if bison hunting experts are needed? I would not even know what to ask Google. Anyway - they are from a company in Kansas. I'm not sure how these guys work but I'd like to see them in action.

Residents in the area are asked to keep an eye out and report any bison they might see that should not be out where it is. Local farmers are worried about the beasts getting into their crops.

But the local authorities are asking people to please not form up and act like tourists. Sorry, act like a posse. No need for anyone to take risks. Just call the local sheriff and they will send out those who are trained in herding animals like these.

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