Email do's and don'ts continue and I hope this is helping you with our real world form of communications, Electronic mail. Today we examine how to categorize and sort incoming email.

One of the big problems most of us deal with is how to sort and handle incoming email. I use two systems that keep the inbox population down to a few emails I leave in there for reference and not 1,532 emails. I would freak out if I had thousands of emails in my inbox. So here's a simple process that helps deal with incoming emails.

Outlook Express will let you set up the names of the sender in  your in box. Automatically the emails will go to these names and a blue number in parentheses will let you know how many emails you have from the that person. This will help you with sorting incoming email. The second sort for storage is to build either a name or subject in the draft file and move the emails there for reference once you've handled the email.

The biggest problem we face as managers is the respondent telling you they didn't read or didn't see an important email. This is because they are overwhelmed with the amount of emails in the inbox. Sorting these and storing them will help this immensely.

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