Because all students and staff are now wearing masks, Laramie County School District 2 is now allowing parents to enter their children's schools and participate in their activities, Superintendent Jon Abrams announced Monday evening.

Abrams says parents will be expected to adhere to the same safety protocols that are in place for students and staff. This includes self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the school and classrooms.

"During classroom parties or at lunch times when students need to remove their masks to eat, parents are asked to excuse themselves from the room," said Abrams.

"While we welcome the visitors, we ask that parents still try to minimize the number of visits in order to mitigate exposure risk," he added.

Due to their health or their family's health, Abrams says some staff would prefer to keep visits virtual. He says he's hopeful parents will be respectful of those situations.

The district issued the following COVID-19 Q&A update on Monday:

1. Who can or cannot visit our buildings? We are still trying to minimize guests in our schools; however, due to the changes in mask requirements by the County Health department we will now allow parents with a need to come in. Parents will be expected to adhere to the same safety protocols that are in place for students and staff. This includes self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the building, the same as parents should be completing with their student(s) daily, and be symptom free. Masks are required to be worn at all times and hand sanitizer utilized upon entering and exiting the building and class rooms. Unless special arrangements are made with building administration, other outside visitors will still be excluded at this time in order to continue to minimize exposure risks. Also, due to the challenges associated with social distancing, lunch times will continue to exclude all visitors.

2. How will Halloween parties/Activities be handled? Each school will manage Activities based on the size and space available. Class parties will be allowed with pre-packaged treats only. Since students will be removing their masks to consume treats, parents are asked to excuse themselves from the room when students remove their masks. Parents are welcome to attend their students’ activities as long as they adhere to the same safety protocols that are in place for our students and staff.

3. When can students take a break from wearing their masks? Every student is uniquely different and will be allowed to take a break from their mask whenever one is needed. Similar to a restroom break, students may be asked if they are able to wait a short amount of time while a specific line of instruction is completed, but if they are unable to wait they will be allowed to move to the break area immediately. Periodic breaks will also be scheduled throughout the day for the classroom.

4. How will Parent/Teacher conferences be held? Most parent/teacher conferences will be held via phone or virtually to the degree they can be. If there is a specific situation where a parent or teacher feels they would like to meet in person, this can be facilitated. Please contact your student’s teacher if you would like to schedule an in-person meeting. All safety protocols must be adhered to, as noted above.

5. What would happen if the district ignored the County and/or State health orders? If the district were to choose to ignore the health orders issued by the County or State Health departments, the County or State Health department would have the legal ability and obligation to shut down all schools in the district. This would mean that the district would have to transition to a completely virtual platform for educating all students, similar to what happened in the spring. Only the Board of Trustees can make the decision to choose to defy the health orders, but in so doing, the noted consequences would arise.

6. When can students transition between virtual and in-person learning? Students will have the ability to transition between virtual and in-person learning at the end of each quarter with the approval of school Principals and the Superintendent. There may be times that an exception may need to be made to this; such as in the event that a student may need to change for medical reasons or if a student is not performing to standards in their chosen learning method. Any changes, at any time, must be approved by the building Principals and the Superintendent.

7. What happens when a student or parent tests positive for COVID-19? All family members should stay home until you are contacted by the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department, who will provide further instructions. If the Health Department does not contact you, please contact them at 307-633-4000. Also, please contact the school nurse, Kay Dersham, at or 307-245-4166.

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