Imagine taking a nice Saturday morning walk through a pretty little Wyoming neighborhood and seeing a long line stretching around the block. Literally.

It's Doughnut Saturday at Grant Street Grocery & Market in Casper Wyoming.

The doughnuts are made fresh on site that day - but we are not talking simple bread covered in a sticky, glazed, sugar coating. Oh no. Not at Grant Street Grocery.

How about Passion Fruit Cronut • Boysenberry Streusel •
Key Lime Pie • Guava • Maple Caramel Log • Chocolate.

Different Saturdays bring different flavors. Click the link to find out what doughnut flavors they are making next Saturday morning.   

Mouth watering yet? Below are a few pictures if you need some help  with that.

The neighborhood is beautiful. It's worth going just to explore the streets and admire the homes. Nestled in the middle of all that is the old market. It's not the sort of place one would expect to find on a random walk through side streets, but the store has been there for a long time. I found the market just because I was exploring the neighborhood and I stumbled across it. If you do not know this part of town, or do not know Casper, you might need this map.

The market serves breakfast and lunch. But they also have a fresh meat market and other grocery odds and ends that are not usually found in your local grocery stores.

For me, I'm not into sweets and I don't do long lines. That worked worked out well. Because of the doughnuts outside, not many people were inside, so I was able to get a coffee (they have great coffee) and a breakfast burrito, which was also outstanding.

Plenty of room to sit and enjoy on their patio.

I promised you pictures of those doughnuts, didn't I? They are below. You will see why the line stretches to the end of the block. Most of the photos are complements of the owner of from the Grant Street Grocery & Market FaceBook page.

Key Lime Pie Doughnuts Photo By Glenn Woods
Sign on Grant Street & Divine Ave Photo By Glenn Woods
Owner of Grant Street Grocery & Market Photo By Glenn Woods


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