Does Cheyenne love roundabouts?

Do we need more of them? Or are they a safety hazard and a pain in the posterior that should be avoided at all costs?

When the Pershing/Converse/19th Street roundabout was finished a few years ago, local motorists had strong opinions on the subject and the debate still rages to this day.

Supporters argue they are safer than traditional intersections and say it's time Cheyene embraced the 21st century by leaving old fashioned-intersections behind wherever possible.

But opponents will tell you they go out of the way to avoid local roundabouts and often have horror stories about accidents and near-misses on the structures.

A third school of thought says roundabouts may be OK in principal, but says Cheyenne motorists lack the skills needed to drive them safely.

What do you think? We'll publish the results of our poll on Monday.

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