Where did the Cheyenne street get it's name?  Many times we find ourselves driving down many streets here in the capitol city, but do you ever wonder how the street got its name?

Converse is a main street that runs north and south from S. Lincolnway to Storey Blvd. in Cheyenne Wyoming. The street was named after Cheyenne banker, stockman and rancher Amasa Rice (A.R.) Converse. Mr. Converse was a partner of F.E. Warren, and had a large ranch in the eastern part of what is now known as Converse County.

Mr. Converse was also the president of First National Bank in Cheyenne Wyoming. He died on June 10, 1885 in New York where he was suffering from a 2 week long disease which ended in paralysis.

Now you know where the street Converse, in Cheyenne, got it's name.

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