Several community groups have raised around $165, 000 for trees in Lion's Park as well as other areas of Cheyenne, according to Visit Cheyenne CEO  Darren Rudloff.

Part of the money is designated to help replace trees in Lion's Park after city officials last year removed 46 trees from the park after they were deemed a violation of Federal Aeronautics Administration regulations in regard to the height of trees in the flight path of planes leaving the Cheyenne Airport.

Rudloff says about $30,000 of the money is earmarked for larger trees in areas of the city other than the park, with the balance available for the smaller trees in Lion's Park. About $125,000 was raised by the Cheyenne Airport, with Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power contributing $20,000 and  around $20,000 raised by leadership classes at the  Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, according to Rudloff.

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